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Our partners

Combining technology startups with established providers in areas such as RPA, Workflow, Employee Experience Platforms, AI and Analytics


Cognigy is an enterprise software provider for Conversational AI automation. The platform, Cognigy.AI, automates customer and employee communications. Cognigy.AI enables enterprises to have natural language conversations with their users on any channel. Cognigy.AI powers intelligent voice and chatbots that communicate consistently and accurately beyond simple FAQ, resulting in reduced contact center costs and increased efficiency while improving user experiences.

Change Management Consulting - Transforming the way organisations drive change


Staffbase provides an internal communications platform to unite companies and their employees behind a common purpose. The platform connects companies with their employees through a branded app, desktop browser, email, or chat, with the goal of establishing community and shared purpose at work.

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The SaaS platform helps hiring teams select candidates on their team and company culture by using objective behavioural and engagement measurements. With the power of AI and 
video-technology, with a company specific scan that employees and candidates can easily do from home.

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Driving Business Transformation

through the lens of intelligent automation INVOKE automate your business. the offer a variety of solutions or solution engineers to build a custom solution for your business.

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A mobile platform for the mobile workforce. Boost frontline employee productivity through instant access to mission critical information

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Consulting solutions for employer strategies, relations and branding

Some of our partners: Kunden
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