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Our art of networking

Effective business networking entails strategically cultivating relationships with professionals to provide and receive valuable guidance, insights, and collaborative opportunities for enhanced business performance and development



WALEUM's key focus lies on Service Experience and Service Optimization. We believe in the happiness of clients, customers and employees.

We satisfy the individual requirements, needs and preferences and improve the individual employee productivity and experience whose collective impact emerge at top-level.

We address your service challenges and merge our own deep expertise with a unique and powerful network of digital and service solutions. We combine emerging technologies with established providers in areas such as RPA & Workflow, AI & Analytics and Experience Platforms.

WALEUM supports service transformation & optimisation journeys and specific business challenges with our network of transformation leaders, operational and subject matter professionals as well as cultural change enthusiasts. We believe in working together and inspiring each other. 

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+49 162 429 79 22

14 Höngener Weg

Selfkant 52538

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